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Letter Grade Numerical Eguivalent Description Grade Grade Points
67 and Below
Grade will change to F after 4 weeks

Grading System
Letter            Numerical                        Description            Grade
Grade Equivalent                     Grade               Points
A                  93-100                          Excellent                   4.0
B                  85-92                            Good                         3.0        
C                  75-84                            Satisfactory              2.0
D                  68-74                            Passing                      1.0
F                  67 and below              Fail                    0.0
I (Grade will change to “F” after 4 weeks)            Incomplete
W                                                    Withdrawal



Students must maintain 2.0 GPA to be considered satisfactory. If a student’s Grade Point Average (GPA) falls below 2.0, he/she will be placed on academic probation for one semester. If the student does not demonstrate a 2.0 GPA or above at the end of the semester on probation, the student will be suspended. If GPA falls below 2.0, see dismissal policy.

Attendance Policy

Class Attendance

Each student enrolled in a three (3) credit hour course is allowed a total of three unexcused absences. Each successive absence will result in a reduction of the student’s total overall grade, and student will be placed on probation for three weeks. If the student acquires another unexcused absence, the student will be terminated. This student may not enroll until the following semester. Extenuating circumstances may dictate some deviation from this policy.

Students will only be given credit for class attendance, not for attending any Conventions, Associations, or Revivals. In extenuating circumstances, when student’s excessive absence is beyond the student’s control, the student may be officially withdrawn by President/Dean’s decision. All students must attend Chapel services.

Notification of Absences

Each student is encouraged to attend each class session. Student must notify Registrar’s Office when it is necessary for him/her to be absent.

Add/Drop Courses

Student must obtain approval from the Dean to add or drop courses. The maximum number of hours any student can take is twelve (12) credit hours per semester.

Code of Conduct

A high standard of conduct of Christian ethics is meant to pervade all segments of the life of this School. Let every thing be done decent and in order. HCB reserves the right to dismiss any student for unsatisfactory conduct.

Course Cancellations

Any course with insufficient enrollment may be cancelled.

Dismissal Policy

Hopkinsville College of the Bible has never dismissed any student, but reserves the right at any time to dismiss, place on probation, or suspend any student for one (1) semester. Those students dismissed for any reasons must have a written statement from the President/Dean before submitting an application for re-entry. When re-entering, student will be on probation for one (1) semester. After the probation period, an evaluation will be made to determine if approval for re-entry is granted.

Dress Code

The College does not specify a particular type, style or form, but as Christians, we must dress appropriately.


All students are required to take all exams on their assigned dates. Examinations may be made up with the instructor’s approval.


Financial Information

There is a fee of $175 for three credit hours. One course is three (3) credit hours. Payment of $700 tuition allows a student to register for twelve (12) credit hours. The student must pay a $25 registration fee each semester.

All accounts must be satisfied/paid one month before each semester ends. All accounts must be settled in order for those graduating to graduate. Grades will not be released until account is paid. Student will not be eligible for degree or transcript until balance is paid.

Students who have an outstanding balance will not be allowed to register, receive a grade, or graduate until the balance is paid.


Midterm grades are given to student. They are not recorded on the transcript. Grades will be mailed after Fall/Spring semester. Final grades will be mailed to student two weeks after graduation.


All new students must go through orientation. All students are expected to attend all scheduled classes.

Repeat Course

A student may repeat courses he/she previously failed. No student may repeat a course more than twice.

Smoking Policy

No smoking permitted in building.

Student Services

There are four classrooms, library with computer accessible to students, conference room, and Chapel. There is also a kitchen, spacious parking area, bookstore, and campus of approximately four acres.


Books may be purchased from Registrar’s Office.


All students requesting transcripts must request in writing. The first transcript fee will be no charge. All additional transcripts issued will be charged a fee of $5.00.

Transfers of Credits

The Board of Trustees must review students transferring credits from another College. The Board will accept transfer credits for courses comparable courses to those offered at HCB if they meet the following conditions:

(a) the College is accredited; (b) the courses are relevant to the program of study offered at HCB; (c) the student is in good standing with HCB; (d) grades must be a “C” or better in order to be transferred.


Withdrawal Policy

For withdrawal from the Hopkinsville College of the Bible, student must complete a slip submitted by the Registrar’s Office. If student owes any fees, said fees must be paid upon withdrawal. Any refunds due to the student will be given if all criteria are met.


Graduation Requirements

The following criteria must be met to qualify student for graduation:

  1. All courses of study in student’s chosen curricular must be completed.
  2. Student must complete 30 credit hours, of which three (3) hours must be in Missions.
  3. Student must have GPA of at least 2.00.
  4. Student has met all financial obligations.
  5. Student must pay for his/her cap and gown.
  6. Students are required to attend graduation.


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The mission of Hopkinsville College of the Bible (HCB) is to train and equip persons for ministry by providing sound Christian bible doctrine, moral and spiritual growth, high standards for leadership, and the preparation to serve with competence as pastors, ministers, missionaries, counselors, spiritual leaders, religious directors, Christian educators, and lay persons.